1. Journey Through Japan turned 1 today!

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  2. This is the end of our journey… This was the end of my stay in Japan in 2010.

    Journey Through Japan was:

    • 168 days
    • 386 posts, including 366 photo posts
    • An average of 2.33 posts each day
    • Literally thousands of likes
    • Most popular post: 396 notes

    I want to thank everyone of you for your likes, your reblogs, your messages and for your love.

    See you on another journey!



  3. Bye Japan. You’ve been great to me and I love you. I hope to see you again too!

    Narita Airport, Japan


  4. Sankei Skyliner, the fastest route to Narita airport and the fastest non-Shinkansen train in Japan.

    Near Narita Airport, Japan


  5. Hachiko manhole plate.

    Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan


  6. Last sunset for us on Zamami… We just swam with sea turtles.

    Zamami-Jima, Okinawa, Japan


  7. Traditional japanese breakfast: fish, rice, miso soup and seaweed.


    Joy-Joy Hotel, Zamami-Jima, Okinawa, Japan


  8. Welcome to Zamami-jima

    Zamami-jima, Okinawa, Japan


  9. Sunset on the walls of the Shuri-jo

    Naha, Okinawa, Japan


  10. Of course: diner in a yatai (street food cart).

    It’s easy to know which one are the best, the more people wait in front onf a crowder stand, the better it is.

    Fukuoka, Japan


  11. Yet another kitten!

    Neko Café, Fukuoka, Japan


  12. Cute kitten outfit.

    Yufuin, Japan